Were you told that the laundry only does the laundry? This is not true because laundries have so much more to offer their customers!

After all, everyone has washing machines. But how, tell me, can you wash upholstered furniture or car covers, overalls, tapestry and jackets with fillers (padding polyester, etc.) in a household car? Modern things made from delicate fabrics require thorough cleaning, gentle drying, difficult ironing, and most importantly, steaming. «Alantum» will cope with all these tasks, in which everything is organized according to an integrated principle – clients can order and pay for all the necessary services in one and the same place.

Who said that hotels, hotels, restaurants will do without laundry? Who will make their bed and table linen snow white? The answer is simple. « Atlantum» will help you with this.

Today our laundry is a modern technological production, where the following services are carried out:

  • picking up your dirty things by courier

  • wash – special for each order

  • gentle drying with dry control

  • special ironing with steaming

  • neat packaging of your clean products

  • home or office delivery

In addition, we provide tailor services.
Our services will help you to be and remain successful legal entities in all kinds of activities. For your business, we look forward to being a reliable corporate laundry.

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